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Employee Retention/Incentives 

Do you know what it costs, when you lose an employee and need to hire a new one?

For a $10 an hr employee, the average is $4,000 to replace them. The average goes up with higher salaries, approximately 20% of an employee’s salary.  So, a $50,000 dollar employee can cost up to $10,000 to replace.

We’ve designed specific excess profitability incentive programs within your unique environment and business. 100's of different factors come into play on how to incentivize your employee's to make more money for them. While driving sales and profits through the roof for you. Too many owners hear about incentive programs, but they do not understand the true matrix to make it a profitable endeavor.

We will break down the number by profit centers, come up with a break-even by productivity. Then share with you the multitude of incentive programs designed specifically for you and your business.

We as business owners throw thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars a year away on productivity issues and employee turnover.